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Kolder Holder 12 oz. Koozie

Description: With summer coming you need to keep your beverage cold! Why not get a Drillers Kolder Holder! Here is a little info on Kolder Holder!

Kolder Holder ™- The item we proudly hear referred to as "the Original" has been in our line now for over 25 years. Made from thick 5 mm neoprene "wetsuit" rubber, the Kolder Holder is the finest can insulator on the market. Features a full glued-in bottom and accommodates 12-ounce cans. Licensed by the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Anheuser-Busch, Miller Brewing, Coors, Corona, Real Tree, Mossy Oak and over 130 colleges.

Kolder Holder 12 oz. Koozie

Price: $5.00